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Buddha-jewelry-Director-Henry-CumberlegeWhen I look back at the past, I think I was a Buddhist before knowing about Buddhism. Many questions I asked myself as a child, I later found out were at the heart of the Dharma.

I believe the teachings of the Buddha are more relevant today, in a world characterized by over consumption and permanent distraction, than they were some 2500 years ago.

The jewelry that we wear, helps define who we are as people, what we stand for and what matters to us. A bracelet or necklace acts like an every day companion that inspires us.

I seek beauty and Essence in every item I design striving to remove the superficial to keep only what matters.

It takes ideas, time, dedication, care and attention to detail to create a meaningful item. We commit our heart and soul to delivering quality jewelry for you or your loved ones to cherish for the rest of your life.

Wishing you lots of good vibes!

Henry Cumberlege
Designer & Founder of Tigers & Dragons

Tigers and Dragons

I founded Tigers & Dragons in 2010 in the island of Phuket. It is here that the jewelry ideas come to life before being handcrafted in Chiang-Mai, a city north of Thailand famous for the quality of its silverware.
We currently sell our collections online and through high end hotels and shops in Thailand.

Buddha Jewelry workspace